My Friends Correct Me

Let me tell you something — there is a PRICE to PAY for a blog like this one!! My friends keep trying to catch me making a mistake!

The other day, my friend Beth asked if I could send her directions to my house. I’m not going to include all of them for obvious reasons, but here are a few excerpts:

Take the exit for Route [number]. At the bottom of the onramp, bear right onto [street].

Take the third right off the rotary for Broadway.

The errors they pointed out to me:

1) It’s not an onramp. It’s an offramp, since they will be leaving the highway at that point.

They are correct.

2) They should take the third right onto Broadway, not for Broadway.

I think that this is a bit ambiguous. If the word had been exit, rather than right, then for would have been the correct term. I think this one could go either way.

3) Broadway what? Broadway Street?

Broadway is Broadway. That’s it. I am correct.

I will now be proofreading every single email I send to my friends, no matter how short or insignificant!


3 responses to “My Friends Correct Me

  1. This reminds me of a fun joke. Two men were driving up through northern Maine to go hunting, saw a sign that said “bear left,” so they turned around and went home.

  2. Dear Ms. Grammar Vandal,
    Watch out for the error you made on MPR today: “the reason is because,” similar to another frequent error–“the reason why is.”

    I wish someone had talked about the horrible error in which a nominative pronoun is used when case is objective, e.g., “between you and i or between he/she and i”instead of between you and me and between him and me or him and her.

  3. From NPR interview 7/23

    When being interviewed on national radio any slang form of YES is, well tacky.
    Screeching, “Oh My God” would not gain my confidence as a potential employer.
    And emails do not say, they read.
    You have too much free time,I hope you get a real job soon.

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