has my pictures up!

I’m thrilled that this blog has become the subject of a feature in the Boston Sunday Globe this week! I’ve realized that I never mentioned anything about it on this blog.

After the “RUN EASY BOSTON.” debacle, I was approached by a correspondent for the Globe. She thought it would make a great story, and soon, her editor agreed!

The funny thing is that she had no idea that I was starting this grammar blog at the time — I hadn’t told anyone. I was trying to do my first few entries before announcing it to the world. (I’ve seen enough blogs in which people write one entry and then never write again.)

The fact that I started this blog made it so much better. I have high hopes for the piece and what it will do for this site.

It’s appearing on Sunday, but some of the photos have been posted online already!

I really have to credit Andy for finding the photos and alerting me. He has already posted the link on his blog, as well. I find that wonderful. The pictures are great

Andy has asked me if he can be a correspondent for

I’m thinking about it. There is much to think about.

Also, my friend Gareth suggested that I add some video, saying that it would get more readers. He’s right about that. I’m going to be looking into video.

I really should post some grammar arguments between Andy and me, since we have them quite frequently, and I love arguing with the guy. For one thing, Andy thinks it’s okay to use “they” as a form of the singular, as in, “Is there somebody who who has their cash today?” I believe that the correct form would be, “Is there somebody who has his or her cash today?”

Also, and I don’t understand this part, but he prefers to use Ms and Mr instead of Ms. and Mr. It’s not because he’s half British. It’s because he thinks it looks cleaner that way.

No. No, no, no.

To be continued.

In the meantime, check out my grammar photos on!


3 responses to “ has my pictures up!

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am constantly appalled at the bad spelling and bad grammar on signs. Have you thought of a career in proof-reading web sites before they are posted?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you once again!

  2. I live in New Mexico where it is considered bad form to criticize anyone because so many people here have not had a good education. I am a bilingual teacher so I take that personally. Students see so few good examples. The apostrophe is sprinkled like salt here on too many plurals. People are even starting to use it in Spanish which has no apostrophe. Try Our Margarita’s! My students use it as a decoration or flourish to liven up an otherwise dull word. Just how did the apostrophe get so popular?

  3. I was always told that Mr. and Mrs. should reveive a period at the end because they are abbreviations of actual words.

    Ms isn’t an abbreviation for anything, and so shouldn’t have a period. Ms isn’t even a word.

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