Headed for NPR!

When I was sitting on the beach at White Lake today, I received an urgent phone call from my mother. She had just received a call from NPR. They were trying to track me down, and they found her! (We’re still not quite sure how.)

NPR wanted me to be a guest on “Talk of the Nation” this very afternoon.

I will never be able to adequately express the shock I felt at that moment.

I called the station to speak with the editor who had called, and she told me that she loved the piece in the Globe. She then asked me if I would rather go on the show next Monday, since it would fit both our schedules better. I agreed in an instant.

I cannot believe this!

More details to come.

For now, here are the pictures of the story in the City Weekly section of the Boston Sunday Globe:

80% of the page! Incredible!

You can see more of my adhesive commas in action in the top right corner. (They kind of look like ads, but they’re actually pictures that were taken on Newbury Street.)


One response to “Headed for NPR!

  1. I ran across your blog from Universal Hub and just wanted to say hello because White Lake is a huge place for my family too! I grew up camping there every summer but until now I hadn’t met anyone else from the Boston area who went there!

    I’m sure you don’t need more comments from random people, but keep up the good work! Incorrect apostrophes/lack thereof drive me up the wall!

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