Facebook Comments

I thought I would share some of the lovely comments that my friends have written on my Facebook wall recently:

From Lisa:

“Ok, that makes me fel beter!!! Btw, you’re GRAMAR ARTICLE WAS AMAZING–I passed it onto my Mum!!!! Their was so much awesome info!

Were getting together when I get back, alright?!”

From Andy:

“kate youre grammer article, in the newspapr were, fantastic i think you will be a famous riter”

From Beth:

“good luck manana; you”ll rock there socks, off: grammar Vandel.”


4 responses to “Facebook Comments

  1. Wait, are you making fun of your friends on your blog, even after they were nice enough to write you with their congratulations? Honestly, does this make you feel better about yourself?

  2. j-ho, for someone with such a finely tuned sense of sarcasm, I’m finding it hard to believe you can’t see that Kate’s friends are just having a bit of fun with her. I’m certain no malice was intended on either end.

  3. I just listened to your radio interview. You need to go back to grammar school. Maybe you should listen to the tape of the interview to see how many times you said “um” or “you know” or “I’m like…”. I support your cause 100%, but how can you criticize others when you are grammar challenged yourself? Keep up the good work and please watch your verbage.

  4. I also just listened to your NPR interview and was not discouraged by your verbiage. (Please note, previous poster, that you misspelled.)
    Thank you for crusading on behalf of us who would like to see more people making an effort to improve their language skills.


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