Metro, NO!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: nobody reads Metro for the intellectual stimulation!

I can think of only three reasons for reading it:

–Commutes are long and/or boring
–It’s free
–Someone physically puts it into your hands each morning. (I love the guy at the Holland Street entrance of the Davis station — he looks like Santa Claus, albeit with tons of tattoos! He’s a bit gruff, but very sweet.)

My commute is about 20-25 minutes on the red line, so I usually read it on my way in (all but the Sports section). I usually find 1-3 errors per day.

This latest error, however, is beyond egregious. It’s in the front page’s biggest headline!

Take a look at the PDF of the front page here. I don’t know yet how to take a picture of my screen (on the computer), so I quite literally took a picture of my screen (with my camera). Archaic, I know.

Check it out:

So, there’s apparently a Socialist out there named Karl Marz.


Thanks, Andy, for pointing this out. Check out his blog.


9 responses to “Metro, NO!

  1. To be fair, X and Z are right next to each other. :p

    I love pointing out spelling errors!

  2. To capture an image on your screen just use the handy-dandy little “print screen” button. Then you can paste it into a document, save it as an image etc…


    Heard you on NPR today, had to check it out. Don’t freak out too much, you did fantastically!

  3. Kate, Kate, Kate… “I can only think of three reasons why most people read it” should read: “I can think of only three reasons that most people read it” (and you could even leave out the “that”).

    But I really enjoyed hearing you on “Talk of the Nation today!”

  4. Or, if you’re on a Mac, use Apple-Shift-3 for a full screen print or Apple-Shift-4 to bring up little crosshairs where you can select the proper area.

  5. I think instead of complaining every time you find a grammatical error, you should plant a tree. It would provide you peace of mind, and it would help the environment… And I wouldn’t have to come here and tell you how much I dislike this blog. Everyone wins!

  6. j-ho, I think instead of complaining every time she posts, you should plant a tree…

  7. j-ho, language has been shown to influence thought as much as thought influences language. When we lose quality and specificity of language, we lose quality and specificity of thought, i.e., WE BECOME STUPIDER.

    Kate is fighting the good fight. I think you should do as Alexa suggests and save your “fertilizer” for the trees.

  8. class factotum

    Karl Marz? He did a lot of stuff with that guy from the Beatles, right?


    The crazy lady who scratches out the apostrophe in the “‘s” used to form a plural at the grocery store

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