Futurama: Ironic or Coincidental?

After my two posts on the misuses of the word “ironic,” reader John suggested I post this video. I don’t watch Futurama (though I LOVE Family Guy), but this is great stuff.

This is my fifth attempt at posting to Blogger via Youtube. Please, Youtube, post successfully!


5 responses to “Futurama: Ironic or Coincidental?

  1. http://cagle.com/news/MarletteMemorial/main.asp

    Doug Marlette

    He won every major award for editorial cartooning, including the 1988 Pulitzer Price for Editorial Cartooning for cartoons about the PTL scandal involving TV Evangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Baker. Over the years Marlette became an expert in drawing the heavily mascaraed Tammy Faye.

    Ironically, Tammy Faye Baker Messner died July 20, 2007 only a week after Doug Marlette.

  2. Kate, I’m confused. Are we supposed to govern our grammar by AP guidelines or by Futurama?

  3. Hmmmmm…..I think the Anonymous comment from 7/24/07, 8:28 pm ABOVE uses “ironically” in error.

    It’s a coincidence that Tammy died a week after Doug.

  4. “It’s a coincidence that Tammy died a week after Doug.”

    That’s what I was pointing out.

    -Same Anonymous Poster

  5. All this talk of “ironically” got me thinking of another phrase that I feel is used incorrectly when it is used (at least on occasion): “in a twist of fate.” Any thoughts on whether or not this phrase is used acceptably by most people? I feel as if it runs into the same problem people experience with “ironically.”

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