5 responses to “Grammar Errors Nationwide

  1. I’ve just discovered your blog, and I identify with you so strongly! I’m known – possibly even feared – among my friends for my keen eye and my distaste for badly spelled or punctuated signs. I’ve been collecting pictures of poor spelling, grammar and punctuation for about a year now, and I keep them over on 43things. Feel free to take a look, but make sure you have a strap of leather to bite down on (or even “upon which to bite down”!), because it’s stirring stuff. Lots of other 43thingers have taken up the challenge too, though some have missed the point entirely and use it purely to post amusing signs. This, I fear, is incredibly telling about people’s grasp of grammar and punctuation but, ironically, helps me prove my point. Keep up the good work!

  2. Katharine Swan

    Great pics! The “You will be towed” sign (and the sender’s email) was especially good.

  3. Inappropriately, as soon as you say I’m vocal in the comments, I disappear to a place with no wifi. Thanks for posting my picture; I took a few more for you on the way home from my trip today.

  4. You could also read the sign as naming one of the trails “Dog”. The “Dog” trail requires users to be on a leash. That would be an interesting sight.

    Thanks for the refreshing blog. The “Ho-made Pies” made my day.

  5. There is a sign at a store in my town that says:
    “Ladie’s Shoes”.
    Someday, I hope to get a photo.

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