2 responses to “I need an authur!

  1. Westfield is another huge company guilty of numerous grammatical erros in published material.
    Sigh… visit whatswhat.com.au and read some of the ‘fashion journalism’. The mindless drivel of fashion journalism alone is enough to make you wince, but the grammar and spelling… I can’t even put together a sentence describing how shameful it is. I’ve already emailed the website authors about several obvious errors, but, they don’t seem to be learning (I have no idea why, as I include comprehensive explanations along with any corrections). Whenever I (try to) read anything on whatswhat.com.au, I feel ashamed to be a Westfield employee.

  2. BTW lol you might have noticed that I placed commas before AND after ‘but’, but I wanted a pause to go in that particular spot… the pause helps to express my quiet frustration.

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