I can’t even believe this.

I received an unbelievable piece of writing at work today. Generally, I try to stay away from mentioning too much about my job in any of my blogs, but I would seriously regret not including this here.

I’ve only changed the parts in brackets. Here it is:

[He] is completely open for any suggestions they do not have anything
planned! [He] is staying in [Greek island] and using this as
there home base and are open for a day trip a three day trip! He offered
no suggestions he said we are the experts and is open for any suggestions.
He is travelling with four guy’s

That’s it.

Granted, this wasn’t submitted to a manager, and it’s not like it was a final copy of any kind, or something the client would see, but STILL! This shows the way the writer’s mind works! It is NOT good.

Have you seen anything worse? If so, I’m dying to see it!


2 responses to “I can’t even believe this.

  1. Somebody forwarded me a document purporting to be a rough draft of a “Persuasive Essay” that was to be submitted to one of those online universities. It has to be real .. you couldn’t make this stuff up. Here is the first paragraph:

    During the past decade, the global economies have come over whelmed with an increasing interconnected society. Increasing an enormous amount of American will lose their jobs. Outsourcing jobs to foreign Countries, reduces the work force in America. In modern history, there have been times of anxiety over the outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries, and the impact it has on American jobs. When America allows outsourcing or other words globalization to other countries, have they even considered that the short term, they are multiplying the profits but in long term, they are killing the demand? If people lose, their jobs and small and large companies in the US go out of business who is going to buy their product.

    It goes on like this for four pages.

  2. “…and it’s not like it was a final copy of any kind…”???

    Mr. Pot, meet Ms. Kettle.

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