Whoa — this is NOT good.

How much would this suck?

I do feel bad for the guy. However, the guy deserves quite a bit of the blame, too. I have a tattoo, and even though it’s simple — a small heart on my back that I got on a whim while visiting my friend Beth at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania — the guy drew it and had me examine it long before he began tattooing me.

In this lawsuit-happy nation, I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy tried to sue his tattoo artist.

Buddy, it’s your fault as well!

Also — who would get that phrase written in such cute and girly handwriting?


7 responses to “Whoa — this is NOT good.

  1. Bryan D. Catherman

    Maybe the Systsem is a rival bowling team? I don’t think a street gang would pick such a name–they stick to the Sharks and Jets.

  2. This is why people should stay away from bad grammar or spelling. It can scar you for life.

  3. The worst one I heard of was “Stan’s Angels” instead of “Satan’s Angels”. Such a different image:-) I must admit that I did read about this in an article, not observe it on a real person

  4. Dennis Fischman

    Happy birthday!

  5. Thank you, Dennis! 🙂

    Well said, narges. It can and will scar you for life!

    One of David Beckham’s tattoos is “Victoria” in Hindi — spelled incorrectly.

  6. I once had a beer with a just-out-of-prison biker. It was all I could do not to stare at his forearm, which bore the tattoo “Lonsome Lover.”

  7. I met a kid that had “psycho” misspelled on his arm. The same artist (I assume) misspelled “schizo” on the other. It’s been so long I can’t remember the incorrect spellings.

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