Local Mishap

Location: Cambridge and Irving Streets, Cambridge, Massachusetts



I mean, it’s the name of the city, and it’s the name of the street….

My friend Lisa is studying at Cambridge University in the U.K. right now, and she says that the city got its name from the bridge spanning the river Cam. Interesting.

….I still can’t believe this.

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Thanks, Dennis.

6 responses to “Local Mishap

  1. US Route 1, at differing points in Pennsylvania, is “Township Line Road,” “City Avenue,” “Roosevelt Boulevard,” and “Route 1.” Maybe for just a stretch of road they decided to name it “Cambrige,” just to be different? I don’t know.

  2. Wow, that’s bad! Actually, my friend just told me that Colliston Rd. in Brighton has a sign that says “Colliston” on one end and one that says “Coliston” on the other end. I just don’t understand carelessness like that.

    Love your blog…keep up the good work 🙂

  3. That reminds me of when I studied in Florence. Not only would street names change halfway down for no reason, there were two sets of numbers — black numbers for homes and hotels, and red numbers for businesses! Guidebooks call the addresses “43R” or “2R” to distinguish, because there’s no other way.

  4. Very interesting. There’s a street in my town alternately named “Westminster” and “Westminister.” Seriously, there are street signs with each spelling. One year, it will be “Westminster” on the map, and the next it will be “Westminister.” And like Susie, we also have a Collinston, but no one really knows if it’s “Collinston” or “Collingston.” You see it both ways, and people actually argue over this one.

  5. There is a street nearby called “Wilkinson Pike,” and everyone I know pronounces it, “Wilkerson Pike.” It is often spelled “Wilkerson” on garage sale signs posted right below the street sign!

  6. Local Mishap? Have you heard of this accident on the interstate? I’m referring to a giant green freeway exit sign on I-10 just before Pensacola, FL. It read “Navarro exit 1 mile” for the city of Navarre, FL. I can’t imaging how much money, and embarrassment,that one cost the Florida Highway Department!

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