Celebrity Grammar

It’s a hybrid of my two favorite blog topics: grammar and celebrity gossip!

These pictures are great. Check them out:

I once saw a stop sign that read HAMMERTIME underneath the word STOP. This is ALMOST as good.

This is a bit old, but it’s just as bewildering. In this message, Britney talks about preparing for a “roll” in a movie. Being the trashy train wreck that she is, she was probably thinking about how hungry she was.

Seriously, though! This was taken from her official Web site!

She’s crazy, and she won’t listen to anyone….until recently, she had no manager or publicist, and she has been estranged from her family….it’s no surprise that she has no editor, either.



4 responses to “Celebrity Grammar

  1. My one critique for Paris Hilton’s shirt is that the exclamation point seems unnecessary. I mean, have you ever heard her say “that’s hot” with any real enthusiasm? I feel like an ellipse would be better.

    Of course, Paris Hilton doesn’t know what an ellipse is, so it’s a moot point.

  2. Re: your site banner…

    Shouldn’t it be “one well-placed comma at a time” instead of “well placed?”

  3. I think we should all just be happy that she’s wearing any clothing at all.

  4. Jeff, I removed the hyphen pending research.

    I’ve been researching it, and so far, it seems that it’s best without the hyphen, even though I prefer the way it looks with the hyphen. It shouldn’t be there.

    At this point in time, it shouldn’t be there, anyway.

    I’ll update later on that.

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