In the Globe again!

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I was mentioned in the Boston Sunday Globe again this week!

It’s in the Ideas section, on the back cover. It’s not online, since it’s just a short blurb.

There is a picture of the “Cambrige Street” sign that I posted a few days ago. Here it is:

Where the Streets Have the Wrong Name

As if navigating our streets weren’t tricky enough, sometimes they’re spelled funny. A local blogger called The Grammar Vandal wants to know what the deal is with “Cambrige” street. Tell me about it. I grew up near a street in Jamaica Plain named after Frederick Law Olmsted. It is called Olmstead.


However….is funny the word we want to see there? It’s too bad funnily doesn’t exist….


2 responses to “In the Globe again!

  1. Is it true that “funnily doesn’t exist” in American english, Kate? (The American Heritage Dictionary lists it as the adverb derived from ‘funny’, and it certainly exists in British english.) I am still learning the many differences between correct American english and correct British english, and, as a fellow hater of bad grammar and spelling, I am honestly interested in the answer.

  2. You’re right, Sylvia. Funnily enough, “funnily” is in fact a word (albeit a goofy one). Check out here for more info.

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