Lily Allen: Great Music, Questionable Grammar

Greetings, all! I just got back from a few days away at White Lake State Park in Tamworth, New Hampshire. (This is my 24th summer there, and considering that I’m only 23, you can tell just how hardcore my family is for this place! I first visited when I was 12 days old!)
On the way back, I listened to Lily Allen’s album. I like her — she’s unique and one of the best British artists to have a hit in the U.S. in the past few years. Her music is reggae-influenced pop, and her lyrics are witty and sometimes slightly inappropriate.
I do not, however, like her grammar.
The title of the album is Alright, Still. We’ve had this discussion more than a few times, but I contend that it should be All Right instead of Alright.
Here are two of the song titles (and two of my favorite songs):
4) Everythings Just Wonderful
12) Nan You’re A Window Shopper
Regarding #4, is it so hard to add an apostrophe to Everythings? Does it add anything to the song to remove it?
(For the record, I noticed on that the song title has the apostrophe. It does not on my iPod or on iTunes.)
Regarding #12, comma! COMMA!! Please add it after Nan.
Ugh. Lily, I know that you’re upset that Amy Winehouse is getting all the love, but maybe using correct punctuation will increase your good karma here in the States. It will with my blog readers, at least.

One response to “Lily Allen: Great Music, Questionable Grammar

  1. the secret knitter

    For what it’s worth, the apostrophe is in the song title on the back CD cover.

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