An Evening at Sissy K’s

Sissy K’s used to be so good. What happened?! I always had a great time whenever I went with my friends, especially last summer, when we went all the time. I guess now that I live in Somerville and I try to go out on a regular basis (when I have time to do something besides grammar stuff), I have higher standards.

Beth and I went there on Saturday night, and we tried so hard to have a good time. We did have fun, at times, but overall, it wasn’t good. (There was precisely ONE good-looking guy in the entire place. I sidled up to him. “Hey, how’s it going?” I smiled. He looked at me, gave me a look of disgust, and walked away. Beth spent the rest of the night telling me he was wearing Christian Loubutins and was therefore gay.)

The night wasn’t a complete loss, however. I found some marvelous grammar errors.

No wonder it takes so long to get a drink!

At first when I saw the shirt, I wasn’t thinking straight, and I thought that “John’s” was meant to be “Johns,” meaning several guys named John, or maybe several guys who are customers of a prostitute.

It turns out that this guy’s shirt should say Big-Hearted, not Big Hearted.

Jersey Boy.

Beth and I spent the rest of the night being chased by these two brothers, one of whom had a shaved head. The other could not dance to a beat to save his life.

I think we’re done with Sissy K’s.


One response to “An Evening at Sissy K’s

  1. This is SO sad. What happened to Sissy K’s? Did we outgrow it or did it just get weird for us? I think we should try to move on to the Bell in Hand or some of the classier Irish bars. Though, $1.50 Bud lights in a large plastic cup are always tempting.

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