Floor 3, or….


6 responses to “Floor 3, or….

  1. I appreciate the two underlines under the “th.” It’s as if the person who wrote it wanted you to notice the mistake.

    On a side note: I enjoy that Spanish uses abbreviations for second, third, etc. as well, but instead of a “th” or “rd” (which are English, of course), Spanish has an “a” in the superscript next to the numeral. I swear, it must have been a few weeks into Spanish class before I realized this fact! It just looked so different, and as a result, I just did not think to interpret it as “segunda” or “tercera” (Spanish for second and third, respectively).

  2. Bryan D. Catherman

    Maybe this sign belongs to the 7th floor, but the crew on the 3rd floor stole it and made it their own?

  3. Wait, I don’t see what’s wrong with 3th. It’s just like 4rd. or 5ft. or 6st.

  4. dlipkin,

    If the word is masculine, the letter in the superscript it “o”

    segundo = 2º

    tercera = 3ª

  5. True that. I was only referring to the feminine forms which I mentioned, but yeah, “o” is for sure used in the case of masculine. Good work soldier.

  6. You won’t believe this — at work yesterday, I actually received an email that had “3th” in it!! Awful.

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