To be continued….

I am going out to the bar tonight with my best friend, Beth, who turns 23 today.

Meditate on that.

To the bar.

Do I have a bar in mind? Perhaps I do! Perhaps I have several in mind! I’m heading up to my hometown of Reading, where Beth is living this summer.

I will be back and blogging tomorrow.

Enjoy your evening!


5 responses to “To be continued….

  1. A dyslexic man goes into a bra…

  2. Hmm. In my mind, “the bar” has always referred very specifically to “the legal profession” unless it’s clear from context that a drinking establishment is intended – “the revelers rolled into the bar.” If I haven’t decided on a specific venue (in which case I’d say, “We’re going to The Harp”), I’d say, “We’re going [out] for drinks.” But that’s just me… 🙂

  3. Did you go there on the bus?

  4. A dyslexic lawyer was a member of the bra…

  5. What’s all this Beth is my best friend, stuff? I believe the correct phrase is “Beth is ONE of my best friends.”

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