In quarantine….

Sorry for the lapse on posts again. I woke up today with one of the worst sore throats in my life (though thankfully not as bad as the time I had mono) and I took a sick day from work (still working Saturdays) and quarantined myself in my apartment.

In other news, my friend Lisa and I went to Union in the South End and absolutely loved it, from the great food to the exciting atmosphere to our awesome (and gorgeous) waiter, who pointed out everywhere Tom Brady has sat (it’s his favorite restaurant). The only bad part was seeing an ex of mine….the one who foolishly moved to Boston after dating me for only three months….sitting on the other side of the room.

For all you Bostonians, you should try to get there — they’re continuing Restaurant Week through the end of the month, as are Pigalle, Upstairs on the Square and several other restaurants.


4 responses to “In quarantine….

  1. Feel better soon.

  2. Hey I’ve got a seriously severe sore throat too!

  3. Maybe it’s HIGHLY contagious, Ryan. 😉

    Thanks, Abs. I’m slightly better today — good enough to leave the house and go see my dad — but I’m relieved I don’t have to go to work tomorrow.

  4. Why do you use four dots for the ellipsis instead of three?

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