I saw this on Ticketmaster the other day, and it made me delirious with happiness.

The Final Year
Fewer than 50 performances left! Don’t miss Celine Dion in Vegas!
In a land where virtually every grocery store seems to have a lane for “12 items or LESS,” it’s a rare treat to see the word fewer used correctly.
Ticketmaster, I applaud you!
Now, if only the Brood can get to Vegas before Celine’s show ends….

2 responses to “This is BEAUTIFUL.

  1. Brood trip!!! We MUST go to Vegas soon! Southwest has good fares to Vegas and we can use your travel voucher for a hotel. What do you think about the weekend before Thanksgiving?

    Since Celine is going, we’re going to have to pick a date and stick to it, whether or not people can commit or go!

  2. YES!!!!!!!! I want to go to VEGAS and see Celine!!! Let’s try to get cheap tickets there!

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