6 responses to “Grammar Errors at the Movies

  1. dlipkin is always on the watch.

  2. Our slides is cinemas are just as woeful. Ho hum.

    “. . . maybe I just don’t go to a theater who has them.”

    In the UK we use “who” about people and “which” about things. Your above clause would be incorrect since it should say, “. . . maybe I just don’t go to a theater which has them.”

    Was this a rare slip up on your part, or is it acceptable American idiom?

  3. A company called Cinemark recently took over Century theaters, and these horrible slides were one of the results of that. I’ve started to go to a local independently owned theater chain just to get away from the horrible grammatical mistakes.

    Incidentally, I would use “that” instead of “who” in the sentence the shrink mentions, not “which,” which I only use in non-restrictive clauses such as this one. Some might say this is too fussy, though.

    I have read that “whose” is acceptable to use with objects, however, though I don’t know about “who.”

    More on which/that: http://www.worldwidewords.org/articles/which.htm

    And on “whose”:

    (I’m not affiliated with that website at all. I just find it a good resource.)

  4. Most of those made me cringe, but I have to give them props for correctly writing “two months’ worth”.

  5. I actually saw Superbad that night as well! I thought it was hilarious.

    Also, shouldn’t “terminally ill” be hyphenated, in the slide call “The Plot Thickens?”

    Also, did I position the question mark correct in the previous sentence?

  6. I just saw all of those when I went to see Harry Potter V two weeks ago in Braintree.

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