8 responses to “On the cover of a magazine

  1. They should have just gone with “Ultimate Upset.”

  2. I am not saying that this is the case here, but a lot of papers and/or magazines do have their own rules on words that could be spelled multiple ways.

  3. What Narges says is true (as usual), but I feel like, in this case, it just looks bad. “Alltime” looks very squished. I feel like a hyphen would have opened things up a bit, and made it look cleaner.

  4. Heh, that magazine is sitting in my bathroom and I didn’t even notice.

  5. Also on the sports beat…Mike Dowling’s column in BostonNOW the other day (“Open Mikes”) featured a typo that really drives me crazy: “alot.” What makes people think that’s a word? Because the English language has (sort of) simliar constructions — afire, apiece, astride? I see this all the time and just don’t get it.

  6. New to the blog, but not new to the mission! I’ve been known to return emails with corrections!

  7. For the record (who gives a damn about the record, anyway?), I agree with dlipkin. I’m a big fan of the hyphen, and I think it just looks wrong without it.

    (thinking about the other day’s thread, I was tempted to write that it looks “wrongly.”)

  8. “Alltime” is fine. A hyphenated word is just that–a word, one word. Therefore hyphenated words may be written as one word without the hyphen. In many cases I wouldn’t recommend that the hyphen be removed–it’s often serving a useful purpose–but there’s no need to nitpick in the way you do. Just makes you look silly.

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