I’m watching this right now:

Does the missing comma bother anyone?
As a grammarian, it bothers me a LOT. After all, this is money that is both dirty and sexy, not sexy money that also happens to be dirty. That necessitates the comma.
As a person, and as someone who technically works in “marketing,” it actually doesn’t bother me as much. Incorrect as it is, it adds a certain boldness to it. BOOM BOOM BOOM. Dirty Sexy Money. The comma would have taken away some of the impact….
….even though it is WRONG to leave it out in the first place!
I’m in a bit of a Jekyll/Hyde mood tonight.
This is a good show.

9 responses to “I’m watching this right now:

  1. That’s why I didn’t watch it!! It bothered me that on “The Practice” there was an extra space between “The” and “Practice.” It really bothered me!!

  2. It’s all subliminal advertising. Grammar grounds you in moderation. A lack of grammar, and you will fall prey to all earthly vices. And maybe some from Mars, too.

  3. The caesura is the pause.

  4. “As a person, and as someone who technically works in “marketing,” it actually doesn’t bother me as much.”

    Hmmm…is “it” a person who works in marketing? Dangling modifier, me thinks.

  5. The layout makes it look as though “dirty money” is a substantive, and “sexy” is either a modifier or a comment. “Sexy, dirty money” and “Dirty, sexy money” would be correct in a line of type. But you still would not want to insert a comma into that layout: the typographical layout is its own punctuation.

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