Evil People

Since starting this blog, I have had tons of people try to trip me up. I do relate to this comic.

8 responses to “Evil People

  1. That’s the ugly truth of Skitt’s Law, I’m afraid. 🙂

  2. You’re a littel late. This cartoon was already posted and written about on “Language Log.”

  3. Is it? I actually don’t read the Language Log — one of my friends sent this to me.

  4. Sorry about the misspelling of “little.” I know it hurts you to see mistakes, but at the time I wrote the comment, I was trying to reflect a bit of what the cartoon says. I now have regrets.
    I recommend “Language Log” because the site has multiple linguists dicussing language, giving the reader options. I think you were written about only once.

  5. I was saving this comic to send to you.


  6. Shouldn’t there be a hyphen between the words well and placed in your logo? They are together modifying the word comma. If you write that the comma was well placed, you don’t need the hyphen. Using the words as a compound adverb preceding the noun — a well-placed comma, a well-lit room, a time-tested formula, a grammar-fixing hottie — tends to require the hyphen.

  7. Your blog is so great … to know that there are others who have the same perpsective on the need for proper grammar is fantastic.

  8. Maybe I’m wrong, since I’m not native English speaker, but…

    …this sentence:

    “…I have had tons of people try to trip me up.”

    Shouldn’t it be:

    “I have had tons of people TRYING to trip me up.” (capitals are only for stressing the point).


    I would appreciate your comments.

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