A Grave Error

Back when my blog was in its nascent stage, even before I made it public, I took pictures of errors at Six Flags New England and posted them on here. (There were quite a few, and I guarantee it wasn’t creative advertising.) My friend Holly went to Six Flags on Sunday for Fright Fest, and she took a picture of an interesting gravestone:

Wow. Maybe one of the art directors decided to let his little nephew stencil a few gravestones and accidentally got them into the mix.

I just can’t get over the fact that not only is it wrong, but it alternatively uses both “you’re” and “your” to mean the contraction “you’re.”

I don’t think that the intention was to have it be wrong on purpose — every other gravestone is correct. Besides, if they meant for it to look wrong, wouldn’t they have done more things — mixed up words, spelled words incorrectly, written letters backwards — to make it look even worse?

Scientists have been saying it since the park opened, and I guess it’s true: riding Superman really does kill your brain cells. (For the record, I didn’t go on it for that very reason. I’ll fly through the Swiss Alps while strapped to a parachute, but I won’t go on a brain-damaging roller coaster like that.)


4 responses to “A Grave Error

  1. Did you mean “contraction” when you wrote “conjunction”?

  2. That is gross. Oddly enough, last night I spotted a burger van proclaiming “It’s fast food and its quality food”. I just don’t get it. If you’re going to be ignorant, at least be consistent in your ignorance.

  3. You had better come up with a good reason why you wrote conjunction for contraction. If you are going roast everyone else for small errors, you should be ready to take the same kind of punishment.
    This was posted days ago, and you haven’t fixed it. Some grammar expert you are. I’m also appalled that not more of your readers, who presumably are also grammatical experts, have not noticed this.
    Ah well, prescriptivists don’t have to be right all the time…they just have to be arrogant enough to fool the others.

  4. Anonymous:

    The reason why I wrote it in the first place: it was just a slip of the mind.

    As for your suggestion, I’m going to be going to the fetish party at V1 one of these days (more out of curiosity than anything else), so that seems like as good a location as any to receive some serious punishment.

    I’ll fix it. Don’t worry. And if you don’t like me or the blog, remember that nobody is forcing you to be here.

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