Resign Lowell

Today was the day of the Red Sox victory parade through Boston. (Predictably, a ton of my co-workers called out. I worked. Sadly, my only experience with the parade was with the insane commute to work and drunken commute home.)

Reader Greg sent me this image. I’ve covered the topic enough times, but it’s timely and appropriate.

Careful with those signs!

Thanks, Greg.


8 responses to “Resign Lowell

  1. I don’t think Varitek is an idiot. I just think he ran out of room to add that hyphen and exclamation mark or period or whatever proper form of punctuation that an imperative requires. Actually, I think he (and the rest of the crowd) were wayyy too distract by J Pap’s insane, kilt-clad dance moves to worry about grammar. That man is pure hotness. Grammar distracting hotness, 6’4”.

    Posted by Lisa of course!!!

  2. However, if that is Varitek’s wife in the bottom left of the photo, we can definitely assume some airhead qualities.

  3. ‘Tek didn’t make the sign! He got it from someone in the crowd. Imagine Red Sox players staying up late making signs for the rally – HAHA!

  4. Also, without the hyphen, shouldn’t it be “Resign, Lowell”? Telling him to resign from the team?

  5. I’ve been checking out your site for some time now….I love this stuff since I am a high school English teacher. I live in MA, too, so when the news was reporting on the fans urging Lowell to re-sign I thought of you. Seriously, the first thought I had was the Grammar Vandal should be all over this! Love it!

  6. You’ll have to forgive me for being completely ignorant about sports, and I also may have bad vision….I originally read the scribble next to “LOWELL” as “TO,” making the sign say “RESIGN TO LOWELL.”

  7. Fuck the fuckin’ Red Sox!

  8. stating the obvious

    Here is Kate’s NPR radio interview. If you still think this girl knows ANYTHING about grammar after listening to this, and you don’t think she’s anything less than egotistical, pretentious, self-promoting, and just plain ridiculous, there is something wrong with you. Just because you put some comma and apostrophe stickers on some signs, doesn’t make you a “grammar vandal.” What credentials does she have to viciously attack anyones grammar? She can barely answer the simple questions answered in this interview! It’s great how she goes silent after every question, and seems to ask her interviewer if her answers are correct. Pathetic. No one has perfect grammar, as we see in this blog. No one. And Especially not Kate. So, enough with this crap. Enough with this bashing blog! The people have spoken in ALL of her comments. Enough is enough, Kate.

    (oh, and I know you won’t answer this post, because you’re too good for that, just like your “favorite bloggers.” Like…Perez Hilton. Laughable.)

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