Overheard in New York

I just saw this on Overheard in New York (great site — always makes me smile!) and had to post it:

Cafeteria lady: So, you been good this weekend?
Frat boy: No! Me and my girlfriend got totally shit-faced!
Cafeteria lady: ‘My girlfriend and I.’
Frat boy: What?
Cafeteria lady: ‘My girlfriend and I got totally shit-faced.’
Frat boy: Whoa! You have a girlfriend?! Hardcore!


6 responses to “Overheard in New York

  1. hee! Thanks for the giggle.

  2. Wow, I LOVE this website! Thanks for recommending it!

  3. Bryan D. Catherman


  4. kate is a gigantic tool

    wow! alexa! you love this website!? Well then you’re just as sad and pathetic as kate!

  5. stating the obvious


    Here is Kate’s NPR radio interview. If you still think this girl knows ANYTHING about grammar after listening to this, and you don’t think she’s anything less than egotistical, pretentious, self-promoting, and just plain ridiculous, there is something wrong with you. Just because you put some comma and apostrophe stickers on some signs, doesn’t make you a “grammar vandal.” What credentials does she have to viciously attack anyones grammar? She can barely answer the simple questions answered in this interview! It’s great how she goes silent after every question, and seems to ask her interviewer if her answers are correct. Pathetic. No one has perfect grammar, as we see in this blog. No one. And Especially not Kate. So, enough with this crap. Enough with this bashing blog! The people have spoken in ALL of her comments. Enough is enough, Kate.

    (oh, and I know you won’t answer this post, because you’re too good for that, just like your “favorite bloggers.” Like…Perez Hilton. Laughable.)

  6. I love this website too!! Wow Kate, you have lots of creepy stalkers/obssessors. I’m guessing “stating the obvious” is grammar vandal #2 or something. So sad. 😦 Let’s all go cry about it now! Heehee!

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