A Common [SPACE] Sense Posting

I was reading about this book on CNN.com today, and at first I thought there was a typo when they mentioned the title. Is “Commonsense” a word? (For the record, other than that word, I think the title’s hilarious!)

I’m not sure if it’s correct, because I’ve never seen it in professional writing as one word. It could be antiquated, along with “covenantbreakers” and “lovingkindnesses” and all those other long words in the Bible.

Unless Commonsense is a brand name.

I’m googling.

Okay. It appears to be a brand name — it’s a series of how-to books. Because of that, I won’t go after them. It’s creative license.

Of course, if I were creating a brand name, I would use the correct spelling and grammar, but that’s just me. 🙂

ALSO: I’m watching I Love New York as I type this, and the following sentence appeared on the screen: FYI: Mr. Boston is an accountant not a chef. Yikes….


28 responses to “A Common [SPACE] Sense Posting

  1. I don’t know if you’ve covered this before, but how do you feel about the penchant of some companies for creating words by replacing part of another word (usually a positive adjective, like “sensational” or “fantastic”) with something that indicates their product (“SUNsational” and “FUNtastic”)? In particular, how do you feel about it when the new brand name has NOTHING IN COMMON AT ALL with the original word? The example I use for this is a cell phone accessory store I saw a lot called “Cellcessories,” as well as these little applesauce/fruit cup things called “Fruitsations,” which I think was a play on “sensation,” but I’m not entirely sure.

  2. It’s times like these I find the dictionary super useful.
    Look it up: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/commonsense
    “Commonsense” is the adjective form.

  3. stating the obvious

    Internet dating is for losers who can’t actually attract someone face-to-face. Oh, like Kate!

  4. Kate is a Gigantic Tool and it's getting WORSE!!!!!!

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA you’ve gotta be fucking KIDDING ME! this broad is seriously reading ARTICLES about BOOKS about INTERNET DATING now? Like, are you serious?! OMG – GET A LIFE!!!!!! Seriously, take in the vision of your life right now – you are correcting the grammar on a BOOK about INTERNET DATING that you’re reading in an ARTICLE that’s about INTERNET DATING and then you’re seriously BLOGGING about it all as though you are cool and like, helpful, and this is something that should be taking up a person’s time! WOW. that’s all i can say. WOW.

  5. After reading page after page of your blog today, I am stunned… not so much by the mistakes of those you deem worthy of vandalization, but by you!

    You claim that those who can afford an editor should utilize the services of one, but your entries contain quite a few mistakes. I don’t get it; this one alone has a few mistakes could cite, not the least of which is posting before even consulting a dictionary about the word (and thus the publisher/publication) in question!

    Maybe your other errors are merely typos (though… all of them? I dunno), and not ignorance on your part. However, wouldn’t you–a (self-proclaimed) grammar expert–painstakingly proofread your information before posting? Considering that you’re ostensibly telling us what’s “right,” it would be a shame to repeatedly reveal that you don’t know what’s right… which you kinda have in most, if not all, of your entries (to be fair, I only read back to August).

    Sorry; couldn’t keep it to myself any longer.

  6. People are not in a very thankful mood today, are they?

  7. Well, I don’t mean to be a jerk (or maybe I do; I don’t know anymore). But there’s just so much that’s contradictory here on this site (and, yes, I do see now that I did not post pure grammatical perfection either). Not verifying before publicly blasting some entity for being wrong (especially when the verification would take all of 30 seconds)–and sprinkling in your own errors while attempting to school the cyberworld–is just lunacy to me.

    I must add that movie maven made me laugh with the “Fruitsations” example though; what a stupid, stupid thing to call something! It sounds almost like they want you to think “sate,” as if that’s what this thing will do to your appetite, but maybe that’s giving the Fruitsations (FRUITSATIONS! LOL!) people too much credit.

  8. Although anonymous flamer is totally uncalled for (get a life, dude), N. raises some good points that I think deserve a response. But why bother asking them? Kate hardly responds to attempts to engage her in discussions anyway, especially not to constructive criticism or corrections to her work. Do you even read the comments? What’s the point of having a blog if you’re not going to dialogue? Then it’s just a soapbox and you might as well not allow comments at all.

  9. Merriam, I totally understand your point. I do respond in some discussions, but not as often as you would like me to, it seems. I DO read all the comments and emails that I receive.

    However, I don’t think that it’s necessarily vital for a blogger to continue in a dialogue with the comments. Most of my favorite bloggers never do.

    Also, I’ve been insanely busy lately with a lot of things that have been going on. (I’m at work right now and trying to type this response discreetly.)

    As for Common Sense vs. Commonsense, keep in mind that I never actually said, “This is wrong.” I used phrases like, “It could be antiquated,” and “I’m not sure if it’s correct.”

    In several entries, like the vertical lettering entry, I simply look at things and wonder what the protocol should be. Are there even rules for using grammar with vertical lettering? Not all of my entries say, “This is wrong, this is wrong and that’s wrong, too.” It’s easy to think that, but if you read them, you’ll see that it’s not the case.

    I did research it; I just didn’t look in the dictionary. I guess that seems kind of obvious now, huh?

    N, I’d like to hear more about what you think some significant errors are. I know you mentioned on another entry that one was starting a sentence with a number. I now realize that. But what else are you talking about?

    If you want to discuss more, you’re free to email me. My address is on the “About Me” page.

    Also, Movie Maven, I know what you mean about the weird words people make up! My personal favorite (which I use far too often) is “cruisazy,” but that actually makes sense — it means “crazy like Tom Cruise.”

  10. Kate, you are being disingenuous on multiple levels. However, it’s nice to hear from you.

    1. Yes, you respond to comments on your blog but I have seen many postings where readers have directly challenged or questioned you where you have not responded. It’s not mandatory for bloggers to respond to the comments–it’s your blog–but if someone asks you a question, it’s usually cause they’d like to hear an answer.

    2. You also know (if you read your comments) that you make many, MANY mistakes in your posts, and you have been questioned about this multiple times by readers who wonder how a so-called grammar expert could be so sloppy in her presentation. This is an issue you never address.

    3. You’re equivocating when you say “I never actually said commonsense was wrong . . . I said I’m not sure it’s correct.” Huh? Actually, you did say it was wrong, you just didn’t use those words: “Of course, if I were creating a brand name, I would use the correct spelling and grammar, but that’s just me.”

    4. Finally, no one is impressed with how busy you are. Busy is not an excuse for being lazy or sloppy, and I’m sure you, as an editor, know that.

  11. Mainly, my issue is with what seems to be a… very relaxed policy about proofreading your posts. You have clearly and frequently mentioned that a business entity’s credibility is diminished in your eyes if it allows its advertising/correspondence/other stuff to be released with editorial mistakes. But what about your credibility? These businesses, while perhaps woefully inept in grammar, spelling, and/or usage, are, for the most part, not touting their writing skills; they want us to buy insurance, beer, or (god help us all) Fruitsations (LOLOLOL… still). You, on the other hand, are “selling” writing skills. The discrepancies in your own writing are more egregious than those of the local pizza place, as the pizza place is not purporting to do anything but feed us (and, the local pizza place also is probably not even one of those business that can afford to hire an editor, so it shouldn’t even be on your radar, according to what you’ve said about who or what deserves vandalism).

    That said, I am not going to cite every mistake I noticed… just a few so that you don’t think I am just running off at the keyboard.

    1) RE. the dating book: Wouldn’t you capitalize “googling”? Yeah, it’s not “really” a word… yet. But we know that these words find their way into our everyday vernacular and dictionaries. And its root is, at this time, a proper noun.

    2) RE. one of the recent blog titles: “Preemptive” is one word, no hyphen.

    3) RE. “Trick-or-treater.” It’s hyphenated. Yes, you speculated on that very point, OK. But… why not look it up before posting? You guessed that it should be hyphenated, but why guess when you can very easily know?

    4) Re. “Medford”: “white picked,” while not an egregious error (more so a typo) is something that could have been avoided by proofreading.

    4) (This one is from a long-ago post, I think.) You noted that “funnily” is not a word. It is.

    5) RE. Bad vs. badly (another one from the distant past, I think). You posted letters to and from some Miss Manners(esque) person and declared that “badly” was correct, contradicting the advice given by the columnist. But Not-Miss-Manners was correct!

    So… OK, just a few examples. I understand that this blog is probably a labor of love and letting off steam and having some fun–and if it were about any other topic, typos/errors be damned! But it’s not. Sorry if this is harsh, but, hypothetically, if you were trying to get a job as my editorial assistant, and I saw mistakes like these, I would not even bother scheduling an interview.

    (By the way, I have no issue with “one of my best friends.” One’s best china is not limited to one piece… although maybe delicate, easily shattered dishware is not an apt comparison to make… but maybe it is, now that I think about some of my friends. Anyway, carry on.)

  12. First of all, to Merriam Webster:

    1) I see your point.

    2) I have made errors. Also, I have never claimed to be perfect! See the responses to N below.

    3) I guess I did!

    4) This is important. When I said I’m busy, I did not mean that I’m too busy to proofread my posts — I meant that in the context of I’m too busy to reply to every post on my blog, every email that I receive.

    To N:

    1) You’re right — Google is still a proper noun at this point in time, so it should be capitalized. I actually thought of that as I wrote it, but I just brushed the thought aside and kept writing.

    2) Pre-emptive Strike is the correct form. I looked it up in advance. I’m at work and I don’t have my sources here, but I’ll double-check when I get home.

    3) I discussed whether the hyphens belonged in the post.

    4) Yep, that would be a typo.

    5) I remember that. I participated in that discussion. I said that I would look it up and report back, but apparently I never did. I know that was a mistake.

    There are so many things to be said. I started this blog to point out errors in advertisements. At the same time, I’ve never, ever said that I’m perfect. Far from it! As time went on, this blog ended up shaping me a new personality — all of a sudden I’m supposed to be immune to errors. I’m going to write about this over the weekend or next week….

  13. “2) Pre-emptive Strike is the correct form. I looked it up in advance. I’m at work and I don’t have my sources here, but I’ll double-check when I get home.”

    According to Webster’s, it’s one word. Same with Dictionary.com. According to Cambridge, it’s hyphenated (but we are in the US, if that matters). I didn’t look it up in the OED because it wanted all sorts of registration info, but I imagine it would be the same as Cambridge.

    “3) I discussed whether the hyphens belonged in the post.”

    And I acknowledged your discussion of said hyphens in my post. My point was, why discuss it at all when there is an answer already?

    “4) Yep, that would be a typo.”

    I figured. But why allow that in a blog dedicated to communicating correctly?

    And, oh dear god, everyone… SORRY! I just realized that I am so dumb! Please see my numbered list for proof… oy!

    In one breath, I’m telling Kate not to start a sentence with a number symbol; in the next I am typing extraneous 4s all over the damn place.


  14. Whoa. Guys. Shenanigans.

    I’m not going to weigh in on any of this. I’m just going to say “Fruitsations” again, because it’s apparently even more hilarious to Random Angry Commenter Who Actually Has Several Good Points than it is to me.

  15. “As time went on, this blog ended up shaping me a new personality — all of a sudden I’m supposed to be immune to errors.”

    Kate, I get that you’re frustrated about that, because you’ve expressed that before, but seriously already. You started a blog about a topic that requires precision, attention to detail, and rigor. No one is saying you should be immune to errors. I’m saying (and I think others have as well) that you should hold yourself to the same standards to which you are holding others.

    As N. pointed out, if it were about any other topic, this wouldn’t be an issue. But you can’t have a blog in which you pontificate about grammar and not expect to be held accountable for errors, whether they are of spelling, grammar, or related topics. I don’t understand why this seems so astonishing to you. If you read other grammar blogs, you’ll see that most of them have pretty high standards in this regard. It comes with the territory–get used to it.

  16. OK, could everyone who is criticizing Kate please post links to their blogs so we can all see how perfect they are … oh, none of you have your own blogs?

    Well, then, since you are obviously not satisfied, I am sure Kate will be happy to refund your money … oh wait, you didn’t pay anything.

    Seriously folks, get a grip. It’s the internets. People create blogs because they love doing it, not because they owe you a damn thing. A little constructive criticism is fine but what’s with the third degree? Why are you so angry that this thing you got for free isn’t up to your exacting standards. If you want to hold Kate to such a high standard, why don’t you get your own blog and show her how it’s done? Or go read those other grammar blogs that you claim are so much better.

    Otherwise maybe you should just STFU and start kissing Kate’s ass for providing you with free reading material on her own time.

    Thanks, Kate!! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  17. Vidude, except for the anon flamer (and maybe you, apparently), no one here is angry. We’re just trying to have a discussion — isn’t that what blogs are for? So chill.

  18. And the fact of the matter is, really, that even though this may have started a fun little blog for herself, friends, and family, that all changed the minute Kate put herself out there in major media outlets as a grammar expert. With the fame comes the fallout.

  19. But I do have a blog–and I proofread it like crazy. Sometimes mistakes get through. But my blog is not (specifically) about proper grammar.

    No one’s perfect; I admit that sometimes I miss editorial mistakes, even at my job. Kate should keep doing what she’s doing–she obviously loves it. But she should do it better if she wants credibility… the very thing she’s so reluctant to give those businesses she criticizes, even though their services and expertise are not linguistics.

  20. stating the obvious


    add these numbers to the end of the link and it will work

  21. “It’s also laughable that she doesn’t answer comments like most of her “favorite bloggers.” Like who, Perez Hilton?”

    Hahahaha…I get the sense that coming from Stating the Obvious, this is a huge BURN.

    I just started looking at this blog on the day I posted my first comment, and after having reviewed some other posts and the comments on this post by astute bystanders, I can see that for the most part, Kate is like a home chef who has a few good recipes (an analogy, I suppose, in which plural possessives are like delicious but sort of boring chicken breasts grilled on the George Foreman), but if she were to, say, open a restaurant or appear on some sort of competitive cooking show, she would fail. Her error is not necessarily one of making the chicken in the first place, but one of publicizing her lackluster home chicken recipe and touting it as something expert.

    That analogy got away from me there. Fruitsations.

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