I’ll take them with some hot buns on the side.


This is a new addition to Facebook by “Good Grammar is Hot” member Kim F.

Beyond amazing.


8 responses to “I’ll take them with some hot buns on the side.

  1. Unarch that eyebrow. “Titbit” is the UK spelling, and I’m guessing the photo was taken over there.

  2. Now I get it! I was wondering what was wrong about “titbits”.

  3. “Tit” is also the perfectly innocent name of a class of bird species including chickadees and titmice, “tit” in this context simply meaning “small.” Get your minds out of the gutter … 🙂

  4. British, huh? Whoops. I’m sure you Brits now know why those food stands may occasionally be surrounded by throngs of giggling Americans.

  5. Dennis Fischman

    Could it be for the reason that Americans are so callow?

  6. My wife and I vacationed in Scotland a few years back, and were quite surprised to see Monkey Nuts for sale in grocery stores… (Not that I’m quite sure where I would have expected to find them for sale.)

  7. Mind out of the gutter? Isn’tthat why you don’t see signs like that in the US? Titbits, buns on the side and a little roll…Is it hot in here?

  8. It is the correct British spelling and was also the correct American spelling before a spelling reform in American English eliminated or altered ‘offensive’ words. It’s detailed in Jim Bryson’s book The Mother Tongue.

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