Overheard in New York: We Should Wager a Large Sum of Money on It

Male clerk, singing: … And one of these days these foots are gonna walk all over you.

Ghetto female clerk: Foots? It’s feets.

–19th & Broadway


4 responses to “Overheard in New York: We Should Wager a Large Sum of Money on It

  1. Once more, you have criticized people who cannot afford editors as your “professional” targets.

    Also, I am astonished by the stereotyping of “ghetto.” I work as a proofreader, yet I cannot afford to move out of the “ghetto.”

  2. Anon, I took this verbatim from http://www.overheardinnewyork.com. I would never use the words “ghetto girl” to describe someone (and, to be honest, I think OINY puts far too much emphasis on race), and I considered changing it, then decided to keep it as it was written.

    And while the point of this blog is to go after people who can afford an editor and choose not to hire one, come on! This is funny stuff! The girl is telling the guy that he’s wrong — and she’s comically, hilariously wrong!

    I won’t go after regular people for making minor grammar mistakes, but something like this is definitely postable. It wouldn’t have made OINY in the first place if it weren’t entertaining.

  3. Overheard in Linens N Things:

    clerk 1 – I have to call someone in Texas, what is the time difference thee?

    clerk 2 – I don’t know, 7 hours?

    Okay, so it’s not grammar but it made me laugh.

  4. Ha! After reading this, it took me a full minute to remember that the lyric uses “boots”.

    Perhaps you should link back to Overheard in New York when you use their material. I was struck by the “Ghetto” characterization, too.

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