Look what I found!

Location: McIntyre & Moore Booksellers, Davis Square, Somerville, Massachusetts

Check that out!

I didn’t do that. That was already there.

That was a laminated piece of paper — so that was some heavy-duty grammar vandalism, indeed!


One response to “Look what I found!

  1. Ha! I like this one, because it is phonetically interesting and it concerns transcriptions from another alphabet, the Cyrillic alphabet in this case.
    You might ask yourself: Why is there the second “h” in “Chekhov” as it serves no function in English. Well, in Russian it is a [x]-sound. I’m sorry, but there is no example in an English word for it. If you’ve been to Scotland to see Nessy the Monster, you’ll know that it (supposedly) lives in “Loch Ness”, and “loch” also has this [x]-sound.
    Anyway, the “correct” spelling if you like can only be found in Russian, can’t it? Just check: http://en.wikipedia/org/wiki/anton_chekhov.
    But here are a few other transcriptions for the poor man’s name in some European languages:
    French: Tchekhov
    Spanish: Chéjov
    Italian: Cechov
    German: Tschechow
    Dutch: Tsjechov
    Polish: Czechov
    Not that I could speak all these…

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