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  1. Just imagine if they’d bothered with hyphens! A friend of mine supplied the options:

    Anti-vandal proof paint: paint that works against vandals

    Anti vandal-proof paint: paint that is opposed to being resistant to vandals

    Anti vandal proof-paint: a paint that can be exploited to prove that vandals are against something

    Anti-vandal-proof-paint: paint that any 2-year-old can scribble on

    On second thought, maybe that’s why they didn’t use any hyphens at all!

  2. Bryan D. Catherman

    First, why offer a warning. Just let the vandals learn that it’s super paint.

    Second, does putting up a sign only tempt vandals to try it out?

  3. There’s billboard on I-90 in the middle of South Dakota that says, “The wages of sin is death.” I’m thinking about organizing a vandal squad. Seasons Greetings to All. Joe.

  4. Joe, that billboard is quoting the King James Version of the Bible (Romans 6:23 to be exact), and in any case it’s not vandal-worthy: “Wages” is one of those odd words that can be used with a singular or plural verb.

  5. Bryan,

    You asked: “does putting up a sign only tempt vandals to try it out?” Since this comment thread has already found its way to the book of Romans, I’ll note that the Apostle Paul would answer “yes” to your question (if you’re interested, see chapters 5 and 7 of Romans)…

    If you want additional proof, watch any expanse of grass guarded by a “Keep off the grass” sign!

  6. Just call me Joe

    I may fix it “irregardless,”
    Fur – keeping in mind the salary of vandalism are jail. Joe.

  7. I’m sorry to correct the author of this article, but the sign is not redundant. It’s more like a double negative. Although I agree with furpurrson in that the insertion of hyphens at different permutations changes the meaning, the most obvious meaning is that the paint is resistant to being resistant to vandals. In other words, the sign makers are on the vandals’ side! Yay!

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