Christmas Carroling

A few times a year, I buy a few rolls of unique wrapping paper. I always try to go for something unique and different, and when I found this purple Christmas wrapping paper at Target, I knew I had to get it!

It was perfect, and it fits my personality perfectly — it’s my favorite color, with shiny holograms, girly script, cute little doodles between the words….


Christmas carroling.


The wrapping paper would have been perfect without that error!

I considered correcting the errors, or getting rid of the paper altogether, but I decided to leave it as is.

Turns out it’s what’s inside that counts — especially when it’s a Chia Shrek!

(That’s my friend Beth in her best tacky Christmas attire. She loved it.)


One response to “Christmas Carroling

  1. Chia Shrek? OMG!! *wants*

    You know, I have to tolerate the spelling mistake on my Map of the World shower curtain every day. Maybe I should take a photo of it…

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