4 responses to “Ho ho!

  1. That’s nothing. I once saw a similar flier that promised “all the cookies, cakes, and sweats to eat.” Let me tell you, I didn’t go to that party.

  2. I think you could argue that the third “Ho” starts the word “Holiday.”

    Then again, it’s hard to argue that the person who created that sign had that much mastery of the language to think of that.

  3. Maybe they’re refering to the delectable Hostess snack cakes….

    granted I prefer Drake’s Funny Bones or Ring Dings

  4. I wonder if the person who created the flier originally had the party scheduled for the 22nd, with treats coming in on the 21st, and neglected to change the abbreviations with the dates. It’s the only thing my logical mind can come up with to deal with those mistakes!

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