I lost my camera….

I lost my camera over New Year’s Eve, either at the Simply Spectacular Ball downtown or in the cab afterward. I haven’t gotten a new one yet.

It cost a lot (and I hadn’t even had it for a year!) so I’ve been checking out eBay.

I’m mentioning this because I’ve seen some truly delicious grammatical errors all over the city this past week! Oh, my God!! On the red line, I actually saw an ad for Boston’s “ledgendary” something!

Soon, though….


2 responses to “I lost my camera….

  1. Shouldn’t that be “on New Year’s Eve,” if you’re being nitpicky? You wouldn’t say “over Valentine’s Day” or “over my birthday” or “over Saturday,” would you?

  2. On New Year’s Eve would mean sometime before midnight.

    Over New Year’s Eve would mean sometime that night, including after midnight.

    While I’m at it, for those of us who went to school back in the day before computers, midnight is 12 p.m., noon is 12 m. (the meridiem, i.e. middle of the day, diem), and there’s no such time as 12 a.m.

    Sorry ’bout your camera.

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