Is this even legal?

Earlier today, I was reading one of my favorite blogs, I Don’t Like You In That Way, and I came across a curiously worded ad for an adult DVD rental service.

Read it closely:


Really?  This was recommended by Oprah magazine?

Well, technically it’s O: The Oprah Magazine.

There’s no way that an ad for this appeared in O.  If it had, we would have heard about it now, with Oprah sending her Mafioso henchmen after the perpetrator.

I’m no legal expert, but are any of you?  Do any of you know if it’s legal for this ad to say it was endorsed by Oprah?  Or does it mean nothing because the magazine, though clearly implied, was technically correct?

Heh.  I know this isn’t exactly grammar, but it’s along the lines of something I think you’d like.

And, just because it made me crack up when I saw it:



7 responses to “Is this even legal?

  1. I thought you were going to call them out on the “Free rental” offer.

  2. Dr. Phil is my shame. I love the crazy people he gets on- I couldn’t make it through 10 minutes of this show. It was making such a weird show about a non-issue. It was crazy, even for Dr. Phil!

  3. I’d imagine that someone, somewhere in the pages of ‘O: Oprah’ mentioned this website (It may have been Tori Spelling – who knows?), thus the use of the prepositional phrase “in Oprah magazine” rather than “by Oprah magazine.” I’d imagine.

  4. It doesn’t say the product was recommended /by/ O magazine, it says it was recommended /in/ O magazine. Which means they probably just have a tiny little ad in the back advertising section with an endorsement from someone else in it. So they haven’t written anything untrue.

    I’m surprised you didn’t call out the “Ying Yang Twins” for their error in naming themselves, since the term is actually “yin yang.”

  5. Sawxfan, you actually attempted to watch this show? Wow. I’m impressed.

    You can only do infidelity and bankruptcy so many times — it’s time to bring in the random show ideaas!

    As for Ying Yang, letterbug, like it or not, it’s their official name.

  6. Alexa Moutevelis

    Hey, I think I know that girl! That looks like Bree Ohlson from Howard Stern.

    Personally, I was more intrigued by the headling “PETA runs a pet slaughterhouse” . . .

  7. Yes, Ying Yang Twins is their official name and I think it’s totally fine for that reason. I’m surprised /you/ do though. I’m interested to understand: to your mind, what then is the difference between Ying Yang Twins and “How She Move”? They are both /technically/ incorrect, but one gets a pass from you while the other doesn’t. Why is one okay and the other is not?

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