Gmail, I LOVE YOU.

Every now and then, there is a moment of grammar excellence that warms me from the inside out.

Thank you, Gmail. 


Thank you for doing the unpopular thing.

Thank you for not taking the easy way out.

Thank you for showing us that some people still care about preserving our language.


5 responses to “Gmail, I LOVE YOU.

  1. For following a prescription invented by Dryden based on his belief that English should follow Latin rules, which is not followed by good English writers, and which Fowler in 1926 called “a cherished superstition”?

  2. And I would think that to be technically correct, that should say “lead” rather than “go.” Links do not “go.” Web pages go — into your cache, and they show up on your screen, because you clicked on a link … that remains firmly where it started, in the Web page that contains it.

  3. Alexa Moutevelis

    Shouldn’t it be “To where…”?

  4. That’s the reason Microsoft is terrified of Google.

  5. Everyone is terrified of that sexy beast we call Google.

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