Unopposed or unapposed?

Check out this image that I saw in my college newspaper, the Fairfield Mirror:

It’s not 100% clear, nor is it when you blow it up to twice its size, but I’m pretty sure that that says unapposed.

We all know that the Fairfield Mirror is no stranger to unbelievable errors, even spelling errors in front page headlines on the top of the fold, but I thought they were making more of an effort.  (I was going to link it, but apparently WordPress never uploaded that entry from blogger, so check it out on the Mirror‘s Web site.)

Does that look like unopposed or unapposed to you?


5 responses to “Unopposed or unapposed?

  1. It doesn’t look like the “o” in body, so I’d say it’s an “a”.
    That’s why I practiced writing, and learned to make my a’s in the old-style, with the little hook on top.
    I’m the only person I know who writes that way. Does anyone else make their a’s like that?

  2. I suppose that should be print instead of write.

  3. To Anthony: I often make my lower-case A’s with the “hook” on top when I’m writing. I have terribly inconsistent handwriting, though. I’m sure at some point I’ve used both forms of the letter in the same sentence, if not the same word. I suppose some would argue that I’m actually printing, not writing, since I don’t ever use cursive.

    Also – Hi Kate, I’m back! I lost your blog when you switched to WordPress (my RSS reader didn’t know about the move). Sometime last week, I realized that I hadn’t seen an entry from you in a long while, and found your new RSS feed. I’m quite late to answer your question about platforms, but I might as well weigh in: don’t mind reading WordPress, but prefer Blogger (not for any real reasons, though).

  4. Welcome back, Eric Jay! It’s good to see your name on here again. 🙂 I hope not too many readers were in the same RSS predicament as you.

    And as for your question, Anthony, for quite a while (years, actually!) I tried to imitate the handwriting style of Stacey from the Baby-Sitters Club. Here’s the only sample image I could find:

    And yes, I did the hearts on the i’s until I was a sophomore in high school.

  5. Eric: I never use cursive, either. My former job as a draftsman got me into the habit of printing in all capital letters, which is bad form for e-mail, so I had to adapt that a little!
    For some odd reason, I enjoy printing in upper/lower case. I get a lot of compliments on how easy my handwriting is to read, which is a big help when filling out forms and such.

    Kate: Hearts on the i’s are OK … for girls! My hadwriting has changed a few times since high school.

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