It would be so different if we added a comma….

I love this.

Source: “Good Grammar Is Hot” group on Facebook, posted by Corynne H.


4 responses to “It would be so different if we added a comma….

  1. … and I thought only my German stutents kept getting this wrong. “Than he went to home.” “The weather today is bader (!) then yesterday.” “You are beautyfuller as then Suzie.” Stuff like this.

  2. It’s amazing that a full-page ad in a newspaper could get past (1) the ad agency (2) The History Channel people and (3) at least one editor at the paper.

    Not to mention the fact that Pilgrims should be capitalized.

  3. Gaaack. Is it really so difficult to learn the difference in “alternative” and “sequence”? The then/than confusion is one of the most infuriating.

  4. I can’t speak to Anthony’s excellent first and second points. As for the third, editors often don’t see full-page ads much earlier than readers do. At my shop, they get constructed and typeset on the other side of the building (and I dare not venture over there!). By the time I see them — if I see them — the presses are rolling and I’m focusing my attention on the news columns.

    Very impressive blog, by the way.

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