Escaping for a while

I’m off to New Mexico for a week, and I am taking a break from absolutely EVERYTHING.  I’ve never had a whole week off from my job (and I’ve been there over a year and a half), so this is extremely overdue.

I will be escaping work, drama and my overscheduled life — and I hope to escape the bronchitis and ear infection that I’ve been fighting off for the past few weeks.  I am exhausted and sick of being sick all the time.

That means that I’m taking a break from the blog as well.  I won’t be posting until I get back, but I will probably be taking plenty of pictures of grammatical errors that I see as I road trip from Albuquerque to Las Cruces and back up to Santa Fe.

Have a great week!


6 responses to “Escaping for a while

  1. Have a great time off!!!

    I think the break was overdue. Your illnesses speak for themselves: your EARS are burning, so in order to get better you need to be able to BREATHE freely again.

  2. Have a good time. So you’re one for leaving out the Oxford Comma huh? Why is that?

  3. Thanks, you guys! I’m having a fun time already (and feeling much healthier, too). The mountains here in Las Cruces are beautiful and I had a great time soaking in the mineral baths in Truth or Consequences (seriously, that’s the real name of the town). Tomorrow, I hope to get to my favorite fast food chain in the southern U.S.: SONIC!

    To answer your question, zaxxon, I leave out the Oxford comma because I originally began my grammar obsession as a devotee of the AP Style, and they do not use the Oxford comma except when listing long, complicated items.

  4. I’m ashamed to admit that this submission is from a local news channel’s website:

    Hopefully the author will have ‘choosed’ to take a grammar course soon!

  5. Hi! I just discovered your blog. Keep it up! I have a personal blog which occasionally features literary and grammar-related posts. I recently wrote a rant about the use of loan as a verb (which I had always thought incorrect) but ended up having to backtrack after consulting several dictionaries and discovering that it is apparently considered acceptable to use loan as a verb. Any thoughts on this topic?

  6. btw, SONIC is a registered trademark (but I wasn’t sure how make the ® superscript on your blog)

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