Denounce vs. Reject

What do these words mean to you?

These words have been in the news in the U.S. quite a bit in the last 24 hours.

I will post a discussion on this tomorrow night.  (I’m about to fall over with exhaustion.)

Start thinking!


6 responses to “Denounce vs. Reject

  1. “Denounce” = to accuse, to condemn. Certain politicians have denounced the use of torture.

    “Reject” = to refuse, to discard, to forswear. The voters are rejecting the candidate’s message.

    If a politician says it, though, take it with a carton of salt. Once s/he gets into office, good luck reminding him/her what was said on the campaign trail!

  2. I agree. “Denounce” seems reserved for nastier things. “Reject” is a little less intense.

  3. Denounce is to state that some thing or idea is wrong or bad. Reject is merely and act of non-acceptance that may be completely unrelated to the merits of the thing or idea rejected. For example, I may reject the offer of a glass of beer without denouncing beer. In fact, I often say no to a beer even though I like beer quite a bit.

  4. Just call me Joe

    Denounce means to take out the nounce, whereas reject, means to ject again – every third grader knows that!

  5. Just call me Joe

    I denounce that second comma in my earlier post.

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