Happy Easter, Peeps!

Happy Easter, everyone!


I love this picture.  My friend Erica (click the link if you’re a fan of Full House!) directed me to the Peeps Diorama Contest through the Washington Post.  This one was a finalist.  (My favorites are #34, “Project Peepway,” and #33, “No Country for Old Peeps.”)

I know that this isn’t professional writing, but…

If you entered a contest, especially one seen by a wide audience, wouldn’t you be sure to spell everything correctly?

I think it’s a bit tough to notice on this particular picture, since I had to resize it, but the bottom line says To boldly go where no Peep has gone before…staring in “The Trouble with Tribbles” episode.

I think that’s supposed to be starting, though starring could work as well.

I hope those of you who celebrated the holiday enjoyed it, and that you all are enjoying your weekend!


3 responses to “Happy Easter, Peeps!

  1. even though it’s the same in the show, the split infinitive is still annoying.

  2. I love these peeps–they are so cute!!!

  3. They aren’t blinking either, though.

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