Need anything edited?

Call it a blessing in disguise.

I got a flat tire on the highway the other day.  The experience was terrifying, especially considering that I drove on the rim for much further than anyone should have.

I took my car into the shop and found out that in addition to needing a new tire, my shocks are completely worn down and my front bumper is coming apart.

In short, I’m lucky that I got the flat when I did.  It could have been deadly.

But repairing the damage will cost me nearly $500.00.

I have much more than enough saved away to pay for it, but even so…

Do you have anything that needs to be edited?  I will gladly edit for a reasonable price.  I do all kinds of work.  I once even edited a one-page letter to a congregation of a church in Iowa for a few dollars.

Just drop me an email at kate.mcculley [at]  I’ll give you an estimate.

Thanks.  🙂


5 responses to “Need anything edited?

  1. Sheesh, Kate – your blog is so widely read, you could probably make a few bucks with something like adsense.

  2. I did Adsense when I was using Blogger…

    You’re right. I should start that up again.

  3. Let us know how it goes – you’re my inspiration, if I can come up with a decent blog idea.

  4. I had an experience like that–only it was the engine dying, not the tire going flat. I was very lucky too. I was a short walk away from the Hooksett visitor center on I-93 South in New Hampshire, AND I had AAA to tow me, for no additional charge, all the way back to Somerville. Still, Rona and I were not expecting to buy a new (used) car that year. It hurt.

  5. You guys are great. Thank you.

    This has been the most expensive month of my life!! $500.00 for the car, $609.00 for my trip to Las Vegas in June, and $800.00 to my sister for an undisclosed item — plus my mom’s birthday, then my sister’s birthday…man, I’ll be glad to get my refund.

    Looks like I’ll need to switch from $13.00 cocktails at Alibi to $1.50 Coors Lights at the Hong Kong.

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