It was an April Fool’s Day joke!

Come on, you guys!  I thought you would be all over that!

It’s not like I claimed to be bought by Target, but still!

Did you just glimpse over it without noticing it?


12 responses to “It was an April Fool’s Day joke!

  1. “[G]limpse over it”?

  2. Or did you just try to extend April 1st? 🙂

  3. I posted on the first! It was at 10:00 PM in Boston, but still on the first!

  4. No fair – we can’t see the timestamp 🙂

  5. Alexa Moutevelis

    I don’t even know what you are talking about!

  6. The timestamp part? We only see the date of her post (unlike the comments, for which we see the date and time). So I didn’t know that Kate wrote this post on April 1st.

  7. Alexa Moutevelis

    No, I don’t get what the April Fool’s joke was. Just “there” instead of “their” or the whole thing? And what does that have to do with Target?

    But for the timestamp, how did you not know the post was written on April 1st if we only see the DATE of the post?

  8. Do you really only see the date on the post? It’s still April 1. That’s strange. Maybe I’m the only person who can see the timestamp.

    Alexa, the joke was that I used “there” instead of “they’re.” One blog I’ve started reading, Stuff White People Like, announced that they had been bought by Target. It was an obvious April Fool’s Day joke. Looks like I succeeded in being more subtle than them.

  9. I’m in California and I see the original post with a date of April 2, 2008!

  10. No way, Lee! Weird. I’d say it’s an issue with the time zones, but that would make sense if you were in Europe, not in California — unless your WordPress preferences are set to GMT. That could be it.

  11. I have my WP timezone preference set to UTC-7 (WP doesn’t do Daylight Savings). I previously thought that the timezone setting only applied to my own posts and/or comments, but it appears to influence how I see posts other blogs as well!

    BTW, Kate – you have some competition.

  12. Whoops – that was supposed to be “posts on other blogs”…

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