Noisebot — Cheers and Boos

I am a fan of funny T-shirts (I wore my “Without Me, It’s Just Aweso” shirt when I did my Boston Globe interview, and I recently bought SILF from Busted Tees — that one was a hit at work!), and when I saw the ad for NoiseBot, I clicked on it.

Most of these shirts aren’t very funny, but I did like the one that said, “Make awkward sexual advances, not war.”

As I looked them over, I found two in particular that I thought would be of interest to you readers.  There is an awesome one and an awful one.  Check them out:




We know why.


3 responses to “Noisebot — Cheers and Boos

  1. Two and particular?

  2. Oh my GOD!! I’m never blogging after a second glass of wine ever again! (Not on the grammar blog, anyway!)

  3. Alexa Moutevelis

    “two and particular” – yeah, saw that, too. Another April Fools?

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