1 Sauce, 2 Sauce, 3 Sauce, FAIL

The following picture was snapped by reader Lindsey of Just Browsering:

Location: McDonald’s, somewhere in California (I believe)

You know, this makes me think about the effect that McDonald’s could have.  If a company as large as McDonald’s (or Starbucks — though Starbucks is losing the golden touch) made an effort to use perfect grammar on all signs, we might notice eventual long-term effects.

Of course, they’re supposed to be doing that anyway.

Hmmm.  There’s a bit of a hole in the logic…


5 responses to “1 Sauce, 2 Sauce, 3 Sauce, FAIL

  1. As a sauce expert, this sign outrages me.

  2. Just call me Joe

    I almost got lucky at McDonalds once, but I left my condoments in my other trousers….

  3. McDonald’s Manager Resume`:

    Developed dipping sauce policy.
    Expanded dipping sauce policy to include ketchup, ice cubes and toilet paper.

  4. In Sears the other day, I saw a sign that said “Mens.” I’m sure there are thousands of identical signs in Sears stores across the country, dumbing down American one man at a time.

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