Too much spam!


I’ve been getting so much of it lately.  I never had a problem with spam when I was running this blog through Blogger.

It’s the kind with a bunch of nonsense words typed in the comments and then the Web site is a link to some kind of meds or something.

Any advice, fellow WordPress users?


4 responses to “Too much spam!

  1. I’ve never had much of a problem with SPAM in comments. Askimet seems to get all of it, and I thought that it was activated by default. Check and see if it is on this blog. If it is activated, I don’t know what to tell you. Sorry you’re having this problem though.

  2. Do you have the spam filter turned on? Check your spam settings. I never get spam on WordPress. It all goes to the WordPress spam folder equivalent.

  3. Akismet takes care of it for me. Make sure it is turned on. it is in your comments section.

  4. Well, my Akismet has been turned on since the beginning, but I continue to have problems. Funnily enough, however, I haven’t had a single spam comment since I wrote this entry.

    You guys are my magical charm. 😉

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