Live from New York!

My friend Lisa, a.k.a. the First Year Teacher, went to New York for the weekend.  She’s a grammar stickler in her own right and she took a few pictures of errors that she found.

Check them out:

This particular sign is fantastic for our amusement because the errors are so plentiful!  Which one is worse: the usage of the fake word lite, the hyphen in ice-cream, or the redundancy of diet lite?

Ah, comma, you truly are the ugly stepchild of this sign.  If only you had been a colon, a period or an exclamation point!

Also, I have some very exciting news in my life!  There are a few pieces of news, actually.  I can’t wait to unveil it all next week.

Thanks, Lisa!


2 responses to “Live from New York!

  1. At least they didn’t describe their ice cream as a “De-lite.”

  2. Actually, ice-cream is correct. You see it spelled this way in the 1800’s, as evidenced by reading many wonderful novels from that era. Its true that you don’t see it spelled that way anymore, but its a very classic spelling.

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