Urban Dictionary: Define Your World

You’d think that Urban Dictionary would be one of my mortal enemies.  This is a site where anyone can create a word, define it and put it up for review.  It’s like Wikipedia, only it’s for words.

Well, to be honest, I kind of like it.  Even though most of the definitions are crap, it’s very easy to spot the crappy ones.  And some of them are very useful.  In fact, I admit that I actually used the Web site to learn what a number of disgusting sexual expressions actually meant (like a D.S. and a C.S. — but THIS IS A FAMILY-FRIENDLY BLOG and I will not go into any further detail than that!).

My friend Lisa added the word crarty, which she coined with some of her classes:

A combination of the words “crazy” and “party,” denoting a festivity that is beyond the normal party level status.
“We’re having a crarty on Friday night! Get pumped!”

(I love the word and have started using it in my daily speech, though it isn’t exactly conducive to those with Boston accents!)

I decided to add bingo arm, which is currently under review with the editors.  I have to give my co-worker Caroline credit for this.  I was telling her about my recent trip to Foxwoods, when I won $92.50 in a mere six hands of Blackjack, and I told her about playing high stakes bingo.

She then started talking about all the old ladies who play bingo and are fat and have their cellulite shaking everywhere.  I laughed and demonstrated how they would frantically scream and wave their arms whenever someone yelled out, “BINGO!”

“Bingo arm,” Caroline said simply.  I thought it was a common expression until I realized that nobody else knew what I was talking about whenever I mentioned it (like here).

Here’s what I submitted to Urban Dictionary:

bingo arm
A flabby upper arm that jiggles when you raise it and move it around, not unlike the arm of an overweight senior citizen who spends all her free time frantically waving her hand at the bingo table.
“Don’t wave while wearing a short-sleeved shirt or people will see that you have a bad case of bingo arm.”

What do you think?  Love it or lose it?


7 responses to “Urban Dictionary: Define Your World

  1. I think this one has already been claimed by the term “lunch lady arms”, or the shorter version, “lunch ladies”


  2. LOVE IT! I would also call it Seventh Grade Teacher Arm. I had a teacher with a BAD case of flabby arms.

    I think Oprah once call it “bat wings” which is also fantastic!

  3. In the UK, they are referred to as “bingo wings”.

  4. Hot wings!

    Well, “bingo arm” has been accepted by Urban Dictionary — but it looks like “bingo arms” was already an entry! When I searched for it, I didn’t find it! Weird.

  5. It’s “bingo arm”. My Nana had it.

  6. Bingo arms or bingo wings… Best I think is still Oprah’s bat wings. Hilarious!!
    Haven’t heard anything like this in swedish, maybe it’s time to make a new swedish word 😉

  7. akosua agyemang

    the meaning of nana in english language

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