What a crazy week!

My power cord died this week, so I bought a temporary universal cord that I will return to Best Buy within 30 days for a full refund once I get my official Dell cord.  Because I’m using a universal cord, my computer is VERY SLOW.

Combine that with a sudden lack of internet access and I am nearly hysterical.  I called my friend Lisa just to whine over the phone that I didn’t know what to do with myself.  So I watched RENT on FX and sang along absentmindedly as I played Solitaire.

Seriously, what did we do before the internet?

Great picture, huh?  Thanks to Ryan and Andy, both of whom sent me this.

I JUST got the internet back, but it’s a really slow connection from somewhere in the neighborhood.  I hope I’m able to post this tonight.

It’s been a crazy past few weeks, and I have a few announcements.

Most significantly, I quit my job.  My last day is tomorrow.  Those of you who heard my first NPR interview, you probably caught the “Well, actually…I would love to do this for a living, especially since I’m looking for a new job!” at the end of it.  That was back in July.

Job offers did pour in after the interview and the Globe feature, but they were mostly out in the suburbs.  I did a few interviews but turned the jobs down — it’s really important for me to be downtown, especially since I’m moving to the Back Bay, one of Boston’s most famous and upscale neighborhoods, this September.

(Besides that, I realized that I wouldn’t want to be a full-time editor — it would be too isolating for me.  I need to be able to exchange ideas and collaborate while at work.)

I continued searching for jobs in town, got a few more offers, and turned them down as well.  (Not going to lie — a few famous companies, including a major search engine and a presidential candidate’s company, turned me down.)  Nothing quite fit, and I wasn’t going to settle for anything.

And then I was presented with an opportunity by one of my favorite bloggers, the Missus.  We’ve been reading each other’s blogs for several months now (funnily enough, she originally read Kate’s Adventures, not this one!), and when a job popped up at her company, she told me about it.  A few weeks and interviews later, I got the job.

I’d rather not go into specific details, but I will say that the work is really interesting, the industry is huge, I’m a fan of the company’s product, the package is terrific…and it shaves about 15 minutes off my commute!

I start on Monday.  I’m very happy and excited about it.  (I’m also sad to be leaving so many fantastic colleagues at my current job.)

More posts will appear once I get my computer back to normal.  Have a great weekend!


3 responses to “What a crazy week!

  1. Don’t be sad about leaving your current job… You’re getting a super-fantastic-amazing boss at your new one!

    (Wink! Wink!)

  2. Look ma, I’m meta!

  3. I love your blog. I am a computer programmer and I just had to say something about this entry. First, how does a “power cord” die? You are great with grammar, however, you are not a technical writer obviously.

    I’ll assume you meant that your “AC charger” died, and not a piece of wire. If a wire “dies” i would say that it “broke”–it is merely a piece of copper. On the other hand, the charger can “die” because if it no longer converts AC to DC, it would be considered “dead”.

    Secondly, neither your “power cord”, nor your AC Charger would alter your computer’s speed! If it turns ON, then it is functioning properly and at full speed. This time I’ll assume that your internet connection was just slow, since you were obviously using your computer–at full speed.

    Sorry if I sound condescending, but what irks me is when people give me a computer and say “its not working… fix it!”. If I took my car to a mechanic and said “its broken… fix it!”, I’d expect a quick response of “WHAT is broken?” AND a couple extra repairs needed from my obvious ignorance of whats wrong with my own car.

    Please reply with any of my grammar errors.

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