I just barely survived Vegas!

I am lucky to be alive after my epic weekend in Vegas.

My friend Alexa already posted some of her pictures, so here’s one of them:

That’s my friend Lisa and me at the Venetian before our night at Tao.

In a nutshell:

It was crazy.  We ate at Isla, Tao, Le Village and the Burger Bar (ironic for me and Lisa, the vegetarians, but they had great veggie burgers!), plus the amazing buffet at TI (Treasure Island), where we stayed.  We partied at Pure, Tao, Tryst and Drai’s.  We saw Cirque du Soleil’s LOVE (the Beatles show) and Chippendales.  We posed inappropriately with nearly every wax statue at Madame Tussaud’s, where I got stuck inside Frank Sinatra for a few minutes.

The clubs were fantastic, especially Tryst (I swear, all you need to do is make fleeting eye contact with a guy with bottle service and he’ll start pouring you a drink before you say anything).  I had VIP contacts for everywhere we went, and our VIP hosts were great, especially our host at Pure, who was such a great guy.

Lisa and I actually met Sherri Shepherd from The View at Chippendales on Sunday!  We got a great pic with her.  I actually told her that her body was bangin’ (which it is — she has lost a ton of weight and looks fantastic).

We also saw Randy Jackson at Tao, where he was celebrating his birthday, and we saw DJ AM at Pure.  We also saw one of the guys from the TBS show My Boys outside the Venetian, but we couldn’t place him at the time, so we just stared and whispered until we found him on IMDB the next day.

I also spent WAY, WAY too much money.  Playing blackjack at 7:30 AM after a night out at Tryst and Drai’s isn’t the smartest idea.

Now I have to go to bed and go to work in a few hours, so I will be back to catch up on everything later!


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